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More Ways to Help

Get Creative with DIY Projects!
Schools, groups and service clubs can make toys at home to bring into the shelter! T-Shirt pull toys, rice socks to use for heating pads, and teaser cat toys with yarn or sticks are easy to make and help our animals stay active and happy!

Here is a step-by-step tutorial to help you learn how to make T-Shirt Pull Toys!

Here is a step-by-step tutorial to make rice socks to keep our animals warm!

Coordinate your own fundraisers to help raise money for our animals! Here are some tips and ideas:

Spread the Word

  • Contact friends, family, colleagues, former colleagues, college friends, fellow members of church/clubs/PTA — never underestimate the word of mouth!

  • Conduct a letter writing party: provide stamps, envelopes, and a sample letter. Get everyone together with their address books for an evening of fun.

  • Get ribbons with paw prints and make your own ribbon pins to solicit interest in your fundraising efforts.

  • Change your email signature! Encourage recipients to donate to HBPAC by adding a link to our donation page and a link to our Amazon Wishlist!

Fundraising Event Ideas

  • Host a neighborhood Mow-A-Thon, yard sale, dog wash or bake sale. Make sure your “customers” know that the proceeds will benefit the animals at Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center.

Opportunities for Fundraising at your Workplace

  • Place a candy jar on your desk with tempting treats and charge a small donation for each hand that dips into it!

  • Find out if your company will match the money you raise! If not, see if your company will match donations made by their employees.

  • Host a dress down day for animals: Ask your employer if you can charge employees a small amount to dress down on a particular day.

While we encourage fundraising for schools/clubs/groups we do not allow shelter animals to be brought into schools. It is best to organize a food or supply drive, a coin collection contest, organize a day to make homemade dog and cat toys, and we can even visit your school to provide an educational component about shelter pets. Please click here to read an article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about animals in a school setting. For Group Tours please click here.

If you have any fundraising tips or ideas, please visit “More Ways to Give” or contact our Development Team at 856-401-1300 x.107.

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