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Pet Sponsorship

Homeward Bound is an open admission shelter that accepts all pets from our contracted areas in Camden County. We don't pick and choose...we accept every pet rehardelss of breed, condition and medical or behavioral issues.

The expenses of providing day to day care for the animals is staggering and one of the most frequent questions we receive is "How can we help?' Many people cannot adopt or foster, but they still want to make a difference beyond just donating  a bag of pet food


Homeward Bound has created a PET SPONSORSHIP program to allow those who want to help a direct way to make an impact on a pet the choose. 

Money from sponsorships donations goes directly into our operations fund to help us provide for the day to day care of our pets and meet their need.

It's just $70 to sponsor a pet for one month. Your monthly donation specifically helps provide nutritional food, shelter, and quality medical care for your chosen shelter dog or cat until they find their forever home. You will be helping make it possible for animals who were abused, neglected, or abandoned receive love and attention at our no-kill shelter. Sponsorships will cover 30 days; if the chosen pet is adopted within the 30 days, the remaining funds will be put toward the friends that he or she left behind.

Sponsorships make great gifts! If you have a pet lover on your gift list, what better gift can you give than the gift of sponsoring a pet in his or her honor. You can also sponsor in memory of a beloved person or pet.

Become a hero to a pet in need...sponsor a homeless pet today!

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