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Lost and Found

With the rise in adoptions during COVID in our back mirror and animal costs rising, the number of stray animals who are brought to Homeward Bound  has increased ten-fold.  We are asking the public to please call your local animal control officer, who is versed in proper management of lost and stray animals, rather than attempt to capture strays/lost animals yourself and bring them to us. Stray animals could be sick and need veterinary care. An animal control officer will be able to ensure proper care is given in all cases. Lost animals are often afraid and may act out of character creating a danger to someone approaching who is looking to help. To find your local animal control officer visit our Lost and Found site here.

Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center is only one of two animal shelters in Camden County that are responsible for lost and stray pets.

View the corresponding shelter list, here.

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