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Rescue Puppy


Our foster care team is vital to our mission; saving more lives! We look for responsible, animal loving people who are willing to open up their hearts and homes for our animals.

To be a foster provider means to have a shelter pet in your home temporarily. You are increasing our capacity to care for more animals. For every one animal in foster care, two lives are saved: the animal going into your home and the other animal entering the empty cage. We provide all medical care for foster animals; the foster parent provides food, water, cat litter, and lots of love!

Animals that are in need of a foster home may:

  • have special needs

  • be extremely sick and need extra medical attention

  • need some TLC

  • be recovering from a special surgery

  • need a break from shelter stress

  • need a place to go due to the shelter being full

  • need a place to hang out until they leave on a transport

  • be pregnant or nursing mothers

  • be too young to stay in the shelter without round the clock care

  • be a senior who is better suited to a home than the shelter 

Interested in Fostering?

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