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If you are a resident of Lindenwold, Pennsauken or Camden City, you can have your dog "fixed" for FREE thanks to Lulu's Legacy and get a free Distemper vaccine courtesy of Homeward Bound and a free microchip sponsored by New Jersey Aid for Animals!

Lulu came to her hospice family in January of 2021 she was lucky to live out her days in a family that loved her so much ! Lulu passed away from metastatic mammary breast cancer. This was an almost completely preventable disease had she been spayed earlier in life. Her family honors her life and legacy by providing spay and neuter education and resources to those in need. With Lulu Legacy we are able to provide 25 surgical openings  to Lindenwold, Pennsauken and Camden City residents only. Thank you to Lulu's Legacy ! Please email or call 856-401-1300 ext 106 to schedule your appointment. 

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